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WOOL designers are different

WOOL designers are different. We follow nature on its path from potential to shape


Before we start making our bespoke designs, we have a thorough understanding of the material, but also the impact we want our work to have on people and a space.

Because we see every situation as unique, we never design out of habit, or ideas of what worked before somewhere else.


We start crafting every piece from an open mind, fresh questions and engagement in the process of becoming.

Our craft is creating new forms from life and passing them on.


As a creative Director for ZENBER Architecten Heijne designed head offices for international companies like Rabobank, NN group, the Red Cross, Navigant, Nikon and many others. They are currently working on the redevelopment of Schiphol Airport’s transfer area.

Heijne’s wool felt products are a substantial part of ZENBER’s interior designs, and were soon discovered by Iconic Dutch design brands like Vitra, Moooi and Lensvelt who embodied the room dividers in their showrooms and exhibitions in Milan and Amsterdam to frame their distinct high-end interior presentation in 2015-17. After Workshop of Wonders (a renowned Dutch platform for experimental and wayward design) exhibited the room dividers in their design gallery in Utrecht in 2018, design lovers could not stop talking about WoOL Amsterdam.


WOOL designers work closely together with Zenber Architecten.

Ingrid Heijne WoOL Amsterdam